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The marketing of QS products is handled by Progein Srl, a company that, since 1988, has been focusing exclusively on scaffolding, through the sale and rental, also turnkey, production and executive planning, and training people at any level. In 2012, the same members of Progein conceived the QS multidirectional scaffolding and founded QS Italia Srl, which in 2013 got from the Italian Labour Ministry the authorization for manufacture and use QS scaffolding.
Progein Srl has a share capital of € 100,000.00 fully paid and its shares are exclusively held by individuals.


With our widespread organization, our scaffolding and our services can reach every corner of the globe.
The prices of our products are in line with those charged by our Chinese competitors but our quality and above all our innovation are immeasurably higher. Moreover our flagship is the experience we have achieved over these years in Italy, always provided to our customers.
Italy is full of historical and artistic buildings of considerable complexity; Milan, Mantua, Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Siena, Rome, are all places we successfully gave our expertise at. We believe we can do much in the rest of the world, above all where there are important monumental buildings needing maintaining.

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PROGEIN Srl - VAT number: IT03977650484 - F.p. corporate capital: € 100,000.00 - Founded in 1988